30 years of radio experience 

Since 1988 I have been working in radio and spent the majority of those years working in talk radio, interviewing some pretty awesome people.  Some of the most fun interview include talking with Paul Stanley, lead singer of my favorite band KISS.  I also got to talk with Mrs. C (Marion Ross) from Happy Days, and made friends with Steve Lynch from Autograph during our time BSing.  Here are a few of the interviews I have done over the years and a link to a few more of the bigger names.  I always enjoy a good conversation.  

Marion Ross – My Days Happy and Otherwise

Before she was affectionately known to millions as “Mrs. C.,” Marion Ross began her career as a Paramount starlet who went on to appear in nearly every major TV series of the 1950s and 1960s – including Love, American Style, in which she donned an apron that would cinch her career. Soon after came the fateful phone call from producer Garry Marshall that made her an “overnight” success, and changed her life…

The conversation I had with Marion was like having conversation with my Grandmother. Plus she said “Sit on it Bob” for me.

Eddie Money – Talking about new song, tv show and where is paradise?

Eddie Money has long-established himself as one of rock’s most beloved entertainers. Money’s journey to rock superstardom began in 1968 when he decided to follow his lifelong dreams of becoming a musician after serving as a New York City policeman for two years. I asked Eddie where is Paradise, his favorite music format, his favorite musicians, his kids, the new tv show “Real Money” also talked to Eddie Money about his back up singing on the Kenny Loggins hit “I’m Alright” and tt the end of the interview is his brand new song “Brand New Day”

Chris Hillman founding member of the Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Desert Rose Band

Chris Hillman, a founding member of the Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Manassas, and the Desert Rose Band, who is widely acknowledged as a seminal figure in the creation of country rock and an architect of American popular music. He will be performing with Herb Pedersen at the Heider Center on April 21. We talked about sex, drugs and rock and roll, and how that wasn’t his thing. Investing and his friendship with Tom Petty.

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